LONGER Projects

A collection of longer projects with multiple pages that deserved galleries of their own for proper, ordered viewing. Click through the thumbnails for enlarged views of each screen or page.

DISCLAIMER: I am not associated with any companies or organizations listed, nor are these official documents belonging to the organizations.

Lululemon: Rebranding a Corporation

In third year, each student chose a Canadian corporation to research and rebrand over the course of that semester. The required components were a brand standards guide, an annual report, a website mockup, a wireframe for a mobile application and a corresponding mockup. My corporation choice was Lululemon Athletica.

Tumblr theme: work in progress

These images show the first Tumblr theme design I attempted. It was based on a theme I had used previously, where the code had stopped working and I had to insert my own in order to have the page work again. All links work and are clickable; however, these are merely screenshots of the work until it is completed.

The Meaning of Home

Each year, Genworth Canada in partnership with Habitat for Humanity holds a contest for a book design. This book is filled with explanations of what home means to children across Canada in their own words. This was my design submission.

ROM Catalogue Design

A second-year design project about creating a catalogue for a hypothetical exhibit at the Royal Ontario Museum. Each student researched a different artist and their work, and composed an eight-page booklet.

Time Travel App

This assignment was my introduction to user interface and experience design. The app had three requirements. One, it had to (in theory) allow someone to travel through time. Two, it had to comply with a minimum of eighty percent of Apple's design standards. Three, the interface must be easy to navigate.

Fashion Emergency

This theoretical app has one function: to save users from a clothing-related crisis. Through the app, users may select and order their own clothes, or, for a fee, ask a staff member on the other end to do it for them. While this is not a functioning app (neither coded nor available for purchase), it is something that I see being used in the future.

Home Depot promotional posters

This set of promotional posters was designed to fit certain criteria surrounding a well-known and established brand. Based on the information I had been provided, I was asked to create a poster that would draw customers in to the flooring department during a promotion. These were the solutions I offered to the management team.